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Q&A about our Matches



Q: This looks like a lot of fun! Can anyone join?
Yes! Anyone can shoot the matches. Every weekend we have people from all walks of life at the events.

Q: Must I know how to shoot to participate?
Yes, experience in safe gun handling and operation is very important.
We highly recommend attending an NRA Basic Pistol course to all novice shooters prior to participating. More info can be found at the NRA Basic Firearm Training page.


Q: Do I need competition shooting experience to participate?
No, however you will need to complete a New To Competitive Shooting Course (NTCS). Click on link for more information.


Q: Is this a self-defense course?
No, USPSA is a sport. Our matches are not a self-defense activity. Everything is done in a sporting fashion. What the matches will teach you are advanced gun-handling techniques that may be useful in defense scenarios should they arise.


Q: I have an out-of-the-box stock gun. Do I need a "race-gun" to participate?
No, you do not need a "race-gun" to get in on the fun. About half of our competitors use stock guns. As a matter of fact, the USPSA has a "Production" division made just for stock guns! The only requirement is regarding caliber - 9mm is the minimum. Semi-autos are preferred by most, but you can use a revolver.


Q: What other equipment do I need?
A safe hip holster that covers the trigger guard is required to prevent you from accidentally discharging your gun while in your holster. 3 or more magazines and mag pouches (or speed-loader for revolvers)  are recommended as well since almost all stages require reloads. Lastly, eye and ear protection is required on the range.


Q: How much ammo should I bring?
We recommend you bring at least 250 rounds. We shoot six courses of fire with round counts anywhere between 12 and 40 rounds. 250 will often get you through the match but you definitely don't want to run out as no ammo is available at the range.


Q: Will I be competing against those fancy raceguns and good shooters?
No. We have many classifications of shooters and the guns are divided into divisions. Please view the USPSA Rulebook for all the details.


Q: How much does it cost and what time do you start?
Sign-up starts at 8:00am. The match fee varies per each match. Please check on the practiscore registration page.

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