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Team Competition

Team members overall match points are combined to make up the teams total points.


Most points will be crowned Gridiron Team Champions, earn their bragging rights, and have their names forever etched on the new "Gridiron Belt" that will remain on display at the Linden Gun Range.

  • Three registered shooters per team.

  • A team must consist of 3 shooters from within the same head-to-head event.

  • You do not have to be on the same squad in order to be on a team.

  • Champion team competitors win free entry into the following years Gridiron Arena. You may change a team competitor for the following year, however, that competitor will not adopt the free match entry fee. 

If you wish to be on a team but do not currently have enough members, please let us know and we will do our best to get you placed with others.


Verify team registration at


2023 GridIron Arena

Team Champions



Production vs Single Stack

Lion Head

(Tim Zheng, Minyi Feng, Yu Chen)




Open vs PCC


(Tiger Nguyen,  Tyler Luper, Maddux Le)



Carry Optics vs Limited

Team KFC

(Joe Garcia, James Yeom, Hal Ko)

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