Team Competition

Team members overall match points are combined to make up the teams total points.


Most points will be crowned Gridiron Team Champions, earn their bragging rights, and have their names forever etched on the new "Gridiron Belt" that will remain on display at the Linden Gun Range.

  • Three registered shooters per team.

  • A team must consist of 3 shooters from within the same head-to-head event.

  • You do not have to be on the same squad in order to be on a team.

  • Champion team competitors win free entry into the following years Gridiron Arena. You may change a team competitor for the following year, however, that competitor will not adopt the free match entry fee. 

If you wish to be on a team but do not currently have enough members, please let us know and we will do our best to get you placed with others.


Verify team registration at


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2021 GridIron Arena

Team Champions:

The GrayGuns B Team

Jordan Castro, Mason Lane, & Kaylee Lane

 Total Points: 2322.3251

2021 GridIron Arena

Team Standings

2nd Place

Team Points: 2271.2313 

Team Name: We Load to Eleven

Randy Scheffler

Todd Cancilla

Mark Sue

3rd Place

Team Points: 2267.6153

Team Name: Team GFY

Scott Greene
Gregory Fiddes

Yee-Min Lin

  • 4th  Alpha Slayers

  • 5th Sicarios

  • 6th The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • 7th Los Cerros

  • 8th BBQ Duck

  • 9th Alaskan Snow Dragons

  • 10th Team FJB

  • 11th Back in Stack

  • 12th Iron Maidens

  • 13th Wolverines

  • 14th Team Kul_It

  • 15th Team Revo

  • 16th Spriggan West

  • 17th Team Tokhang DDS

  • 18th Team Don Quixote

  • 19th Team Valkyrie

  • 20th Jeri's Cabana Boys