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The Beginning: 

The 1st “Gridiron” event came to fruition August, 2014. Heavy promotion on social media, email, word of mouth to the shooters, and press coverage in “Front Sight” magazine made the event a great success! The outcry from the community begged to have an encore, so I got to work on the 2nd “Grid”. The match and its reputation was growing fast, I foresaw growing pains.

The 2nd “GridIron” 2015 was another great success setting the bar even higher than before. The match was out growing the local ranges due to limits of the range (scheduling, number of stages, and range politics). I was forced to find a new arena that could accommodate more shooters/stages. So I placed the match on hold.


A note from the creator of the Gridiron, Theo Arjona, and the Linden Competitive Shooting Club.

How far we've come:

​Enter 2018, at the Linden Gun Range. I have been eyeing this range since it opened its doors to the USPSA in 2017, shot a number of matches there, and it definitely has the space and facilities to host a big match.

A discussion with the owner of the Linden Gun Range, Christine Zador, 

resurrected the “GridIron” talks. How the Linden Gun Range adapts to its own growth is what prompted me to realize that the “GridIron“, finally has found a home to stay.​

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