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Meet our LCSC Team

With the right mixture of intelligence, imagination, technical knowledge, communication skills, humor, adaptability, ambition, dedication, and a thorough understanding of the sport, this team keeps the wheels well-oiled and running smoothly.

The Linden Gun Range could not exist without the Linden Competitive Shooting Club. And without the Linden Gun Range, The LCSC could not exist. For an administrator, managing an organization successfully is a challenge and a talent. Even tougher is the ability to lead well by encouraging others to get involved and pass the torch when the time comes.

Our Admins are motivated while simultaneously keeping an eye on organizational goals, inspiring others, and influencing competitors to keep visiting the LCSC matches.

We want to thank every patron that signs up for our matches for your support, ensuring a bright future in the sport of competition shooting at the Linden Gun Range.




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