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TNFS are ON HOLD until ammunition becomes more readily available.



AKA an outlaw match


4 stages testing transitions, movement into positions, memory,

and shooting on the move. Limited Registration availability.

Quick & Fun.

If you have never joined us for a TNFS, you must have completed ONE or more of the of the following:

  1. Competed in a previous LCSC competition

  2. Taken the LCSC New To Competitive Shooting Course

  3. Be NROI certified

  4. Have a current membership through USPSA and have a classification of C or higher.

Suggested Equipment: This match DOES have light on the stages. Flashlights are always a great idea when moving about the range. Normal match gear. Experienced CCW carriers allowed to shoot from concealment. Belt, holster and at least 3 magazines with pouches. You are welcome to use tac lights to engage targets as well. Ammo count is about 100 rounds. If time permits, we allow for unofficial repeats of stages so extra ammo is up to you.

Rules & Range Regulations: All Rules and Regulations will be discussed by the Match Director prior to match start. Safe Tables and equipment must be used in accordance to these rules. 

Match Day: Park in the main parking lot, go down the stairwell, head over to Bays 4 & 5 to check in. Safe tables must be used. No ammo at safe tables. We start the building around 4:00PM if available to lend a hand. We always appreciate the help of our community.

Match Start Time: 5:30PM

Tear down and brass range around 7:30

Check for all LCSC Competitions.

Search "LCSC" for a list of current competitions.

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